What’s Wrong With My Website?

How do I find out what’s wrong with my website

Frequently a web developer will create a website and put it online. The process the developer uses is often inspired by what his client has told him to say. Remember, a developer creates hundreds, if not thousands, of websites. He cannot be an expert on each and every kind of business. So, how does he create a website? He asks his client, “Tell me about your business. Tell me what you do.”

What's wrong with my websiteSo, what’s wrong with your website, maybe nothing.

But, you don’t seem to be getting any business from your website and your web developer can’t tell you how many people are visiting your website. You have spent a lot of money and now the only thing you can say is, “What’s wrong with my website?”

It’s very likely that people are visiting your website but that your web developer has not put in place the tools to collect information and pass it along to you. Actually, the job of the web developer ends when the website goes online. The next person to work on your website is the SEO engineer.

The SEO engineer will know how to connect your website to the proper places that

  • track visitors to your website,

  • know how long people are on your website,

  • and, importantly, what they do on your website.

The most common way that this is done is to connect your website to Google Analytics. This is a free service offered by Google and it will tell you the answers to questions that you may have about people visiting your website. Google Analytics is one of the first places that can answer the question, “What’s wrong with my website?”

You should ask your web developer if your website is connected to Google Analytics and, if not, can he make the connection. If he is unable to do this, then there may be a person, an SEO engineer, who works with him who can do this for you.

However, if you don’t like the look and feel of your website, then maybe there is something wrong with your website. What you don’t like, perhaps many others won’t like either. The look and feel of your website is important to the website visitor.

This is certainly an issue for you to discuss with your website developer.

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