Make My Website Fit My Business

The immediate answer to make my website fit my business is easy: just talk about your business.

OK, is that just a little too simplistic? Maybe, but you wouldn’t believe how many people create websites that talk about so many different things that Google has a hard time trying to figure out what their website is about. Here’s a very simple story:

You sell apples. So you create a website and you have one page about the apples you sell. Google looks at this page and says, “OK, this webpage is selling apples.” So, if someone is searching for “apples” then your webpage fits your business. But, one day you decide to sell peaches. You put information about peaches on the same page as your apple information. Google comes along and looks at this page an says, “OK, this page is about apples and peaches.”

Website That Fits My BusinessNow, someone searching for “apples and peaches” will see your page in the search results; but, if they are searching for only “apples” or only “peaches” your webpage might still show up but in a lower position. The more topics that you add to the page (strawberries, peas, potatoes), the more difficult it becomes for Google to figure out what your webpage is about.

Here’s how to make your website fit your business: make two lists – one for your products and one for your services.

Look at the product list and think about which product you want to promote on your website. Then, you can make a webpage for that product and only that product. On the other hand, if your business is very successful, look at a product that is not selling so well. Perhaps you want to make a webpage for that product and promote it on your website.

Then, repeat the process for the services you offer and you will answer the question “make my website fit my business”.

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