How Do I Find Time to Fix My Website

Isn’t this a question that we are always asking ourselves? How do I find time to do this? Or to do that? Finding time to do anything has become a major problem in our lives.

To find time to fix my website I need to do a number of things first:

  • I need to find out what’s wrong with my website

  • I need to figure out how to correct what’s wrong with my website

  • I need to figure out how to log into my website so that I can make corrections

  • I need to play around with corrections to see which look good

  • I need to save my corrections to the Internet

  • I have to hope that my corrections do not break the website

As you look at the list above, you will probably find a number of other issues that you need to consider in order to fix your website.

Just like any other task that you undertake, things seem to work better if you are able to devote a consecutive amount of time to the task. The list above clearly indicates that there are a number of things that have to be done to fix the website. We all know that if we have to start and stop our task, the possibility of error increases with each start and stop.

So, how do I find time to fix my website?

Unfortunately, the answer, although probably not what you want to hear, is simple:


Since you know that time is money, give this task to a professional. Use YOUR time to better advantage. You have probably figured out how much money you make per hour. Guesstimate how much time you will spend fixing your website and multiply that by how much you make per hour. Then, ask your web developer how much time he will spend on the same task and how much it will cost you. Look at the two numbers: the cost if you do it yourself and the cost if your web developer makes the corrections. My guess is that it would be less expensive if you have your web developer fix your website.

One final thought: don’t forget the frustration factor!

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