SEO Audit

An SEO Audit sounds like something you might do when you go to the bank or an unwanted letter from the IRS after you file your taxes.

An SEO Audit is your first step when you are considering optimizing your website. When you contact your SEO Developer and ask what will SEO do for your website or should you even do SEO, the first thing that will be suggested is to perform an SEO Audit of the website.

When the audit is performed, it is not necessary to evaluate every page of the website. Rather, it’s sufficient to look at the most important pages on your website. The most important pages are usually those that promote a product or service that you are offering; in other words, your revenue-generating pages.

The audit will look at the most common signals on those pages that tell Google what your web page is about. Do you have a title, description, proper headlines? If those are OK, then the audit will look at more signals to Google. Some of the signals are a little nerdy but your SEO Developer will understand them and can explain them to you. Google suggests that there are more than 200 signals that influence page rank in the search results.

If the revenue-generating pages are not properly optimized, it’s a safe bet that the less important web pages aren’t either. This is why it’s not necessary to evaluate every page. So, as a website owner, you shouldn’t worry if you see that your audit doesn’t discuss each web page.

After the SEO Audit, you should spend some time with your SEO Developer to discuss which pages should be optimized and which can wait until later.

It should be clear that jumping into the fray with no idea of what to do or where to go is not a sound practice. Yet, there are many Web Developers who have only a smattering of SEO knowledge do precisely this. Find out from the people who do the work on a regular basis. Contact us and we can help with an SEO Audit of your existing website.

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