Should I do a complete redesign of my website?

Should I do a complete redesign of my website?

Before you begin doing a complete redesign of your website, look carefully at your entire site to see if there are any glaring mistakes that need to be fixed. If your website has been designed professionally by a web developer, it is unlikely that you need to completely overhaul the entire website.

If you really think that the entire website is in such a terrible state that it really needs to be completely redone then clearly that is what you should do.

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However, my suggestion would be to look at individual web pages.

Begin by looking at the webpages which are profitable for your business. It is these pages that you want to see ranking in Google.

Look first at the webpage that brings in the most money to your company. Maybe that will be a page talking about one of your products; or, perhaps, it will be a page about one of the services which your company offers.

When you look at this webpage is it clear to a website visitor what the webpage is about. Is it possible that someone coming to this page is confused as to What You Are Selling, The Service You Are Offering, The Product You Are Providing?

If the webpage looks good and you don’t see any obvious problem with the page, then consider the formatting of the page. Are you using proper H1 tags? Have you use the keyword for the page a sufficient number of times without overdoing it? Are you using technical jargon that visitor to your webpage might not understand?

The pages that produce income for your company are the most important pages on your website. These are the pages that you should consider redesigning first. Remember the old adage, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” It’s best to work with what you have rather than scrapping everything and starting afresh to redesign your website.

Issues such as a complete or partial redesign of your website are best discussed with your web developer. Your web developer has available to him a number of tools that can help to answer your questions. The first told that he will check is Google Analytics which will tell him the pages of your website that visitors frequent. It will also tell him what a visitor will do after he leaves a certain page on your website.

Your web developer can analyze what he sees in Google Analytics and endeavor to determine why a particular page on your website is not producing income. This may lead to a redesign of your website.

It might be something as simple as not asking the website visitor “for the sale”.

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