Number 1 on Google

Everyone want to be in first position in the Google search results. So, if you are thinking about the number one position, you’re not alone.

Actually, someone or some company has to be number one in the results. What is the likelihood that it could be you? We need to establish immediately, that there is no guarantee what position you will eventually occupy in the Google search results. Anyone who “guarantees” you top position – number 1 on Google – is not telling you the truth.

If you are selling used or new cars, you may want people to find your company when they search for “cars” on Google. But, ask yourself, what would Chrysler, Toyota, Ford etc like when someone searches for “cars”? And, look, we have a problem before we even begin.

Through effective written content, solid SEO, and, subsequently, off page optimization you improve your chances of getting to a top position if not THE top position. You may never be Number 1 on Google but if your website will appear in the top five positions, that’s great.

And remember, it’s not your website that appears in the search results, its a single page – or, if you’re lucky, several pages – that will appear. So, SEO pertains to a web page and not to the website.

An SEO Audit will guide you in working on the important pages of your website when you begin your SEO campaign. And then you will refine your pages again and again until you get it right and Google is happy.

Read that last sentence again. You will notice that you will need to refine your optimization process several times. And, of course, your competitors are also refining the optimization of their websites. It helps if you know what they are doing and can improve upon your own optimization. So, no, you will not attain fame and glory overnight. Sometimes the wait is several months as the process evolves.

You shouldn’t become discouraged during this time. If you are not Number 1 on Google, you shouldn’t think all is lost. You also should not insist that your SEO Developer make constant changes to the website. This is like working on a car engine where you adjust this screw and that screw and the other calibration – when you are done, you really don’t know which adjustment makes your car run better or worse. The same is true with your website. Too many calibrations and things will change for better or worse but you will have no idea why. Let your SEO Developer evaluate the results of changes and decide when to make additional modifications.

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