MOZ is a funny name but it will help us since we have been talking about a web developer not understanding your business. As part of that discussion, we have also asked what do you, the business owner, want to know. We have talked about Google Analytics as part of that topic.

However, as you have seen, Google Analytics provides a lot of information. Much of that information is very technical and directed at the web developer and not the website owner. To swim in that ocean of information is time consuming and difficult.

There is an easier way.

MOZ is a software company that can analyze your GA data and present it to you in an understandable format. Using the MOZ report, you can quickly find answers to questions that most website owners would like to have answered. You won’t need to spend hours trying to understand the intracies of Google Analytics because a MOZ report makes it all understandable.

Moreover, a MOZ report can provide information for up to three of your major competitors. See how they rank on the key words that you are trying to rank for. See how they rank in visibility compared to your website. And how nice is that!!

These are only a few of the things that a MOZ report can help you with.

Accolade Group can provide a MOZ report for your website. The reports are issued weekly and allow you, as a business owner, to track the changes that happen to your website over time. In fact, the MOZ report is one of the leading signals which we at Accolade Group employ to determine our SEO strategy.

We strongly encourage our clients to take advantage of the MOZ reports that we offer.

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