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The first thing you need to understand is what a hosting company is and what they do.

A hosting company is the company whose job it is to put your website online. After your web developer has created your website you yourself can either take that website and give it to a hosting company to put online, or, your website developer can do it for you.

Normally, what a hosting company does is transparent to the owner of the website and to the visitor to the website. However, that does not mean that a hosting company is insignificant.

One of the things that a hosting company does is to allocate to your website to your company a certain amount of space on their hard drive. Another, is to ensure that when the visitor comes to your website your website loads quickly not slowly. Google is most interested in the speed at which a website loads into a user’s browser.

The speed at which a website loads into a user’s browser is be determined by a number of factors. One of those factors is the speed at which the server operates. The faster the server can operate, the faster the website will learn into the user’s browser.

Normally, the owner of a website rarely has to contact a hosting company. This is usually handled by the website developer. In fact, the website developer probably has his own arrangement with a hosting company and you, as the owner of the website, have simply given the website developer permission to put your website online at whatever hosting company he presently uses. So, the first person with whom you should speak if you are experiencing difficulty such as the speed at which your website loads, is the website developer himself. It’s more than likely that he can fix the situation on your behalf.

The recommendation that we make in this situation, is that you work with your existing team of experts. In the unfortunate situation that you cannot do this, it’s permissible for you to either find a new web developer or, if you like, look for a new hosting company. Hosting companies in your area can be found by doing a Google search of the keywords hosting company followed by your town or city.

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