How Much Does SEO Cost?

How much does SEO cost is one of the first questions that we are asked. The answer is not so easy. Firstly, to try to answer the question without first performing an SEO Audit is merely offering a guess that may not be anywhere near the proverbial ballpark.

The best answer to the SEO cost question will come after the SEO Developer has had an opportunity to study the results of the SEO Audit. When discussing these results with the website owner, it will be less expensive to optimize the important or revenue-generating pages of the website rather than trying to perform a universal fix of the entire website. Begin there, what does the SEO Audit suggest that the Developer and Owner pursue as an optimization plan.

Next, remember that optimization is an ongoing process. The duration of that process is best left to the website owner who determines when he is satisfied with the results of the current optimization and decides to stop working on a particular page and turn attention to another less optimized web page.

If you are looking for a Dollars and Cents answer to the question of how much does SEO cost, then ask your SEO developer his hourly rate and then ask for an estimate of how many hours it will take to work on optimization. Then, ah, multiply hourly rate times number of hours.

Notice that we are suggesting time to “work on optimization” and not time “to complete optimization”. We are not trying to avoid an answer but we know that Google changes how it evaluates web pages and we also know that competitors are looking at YOUR changes and trying to improve their websites. Clearly, how much does SEO cost is a difficult question.

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