Google Analytics

Google Analytics, often called simply GA, is a program offered by Google and lives in the cloud. Google Analytics is connected to your website by a code that Google provides and which your web developer incorporates into your website. After this is done, GA can provide you with a wealth of data.

There is, in fact, so much data available in GA that the web developer will normally find it necessary to limit the amount of data supplied to the owner of the website. That’s because there is a lot of data that is meaningless to most website owners. For example, what operating system, what kind of mobile phone, etc. is the visitor to the website using. Although helpful to a web developer, it is not of much use to a website owner.

But there is a ton of information that a website owner would like to know. For example, are visitors coming to the website from another website (and, which one), or, because they made a Google search (and what did they enter a search term), and which page did they come to first and what did they do next.

These and other questions are extremely helpful to the owner of a website and can guide the owner in determining what to do next on the website. The difficulty for the website owner is the amount of information available and the sheer complexity of the information. If a business owner has so much free time that he or she can invest in trying to understand what meaningful information is in Google Analytics, that is possibly because they didn’t do this sooner and now their business is performing poorly and they have the time, unfortunately.

A web developer can normally give a website owner access to this information either directly, by offering a username & password, or, indirectly, by sending GA reports to the website owner.

Talk with your web developer to find what information is available and what information you would like to know.

However, there is a better way. The better way is to work with software that understands Google Analytics and can present the information to you in a more clear format that will help your understanding. One of the pieces of software that we like is produced by a company called MOZ and which we will talk about next.

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